Closed for Renovations November 2-9, 2014


Dear Customers!

We heard your suggestions over the last 19 months and have been a little bit extra busy!  We have been meeting with architects and applying for permits to add a second washroom to our cafe!

We will be closed from Sunday November 2nd reopening Monday November 10th to add a washroom on the ground floor of our cafe!

The only way we can do this type of renovation is by closing our cafe as we definitely don’t want to add drywall dust to our famous cakes, cupcakes or croissants!

Come by after our renovations to let us know how what you think!  I’m most excited about the crystal ceiling light waiting for this new washroom!

Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions or quotes!

Please keep checking and and  as we catch up on posting cakes from this busy busy year!


Konrad, Patricia, Maria

Photo Credit  Corina V. Photography

Photo Credit
Corina V. Photography



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